Au revoir!

Changes are happening to this little family, we are moving! Colin has been very happy working as a genius for Mr. Jobs, but he is happily accepting a job as a lead technical director at a church called Christ the King in Bellingham, Washington. This is a huge change for us, but I am thrilled to be partnering with Colin in this new endeavor. We love the church and the people we've come to know in Bellingham. We know that we will be very happy there!

Being away from family and friends will be tough, but the drive up and down I5 is very manageable! I mean, it's not Australia or anything :)

As for what I will be doing.... school. Bellingham happens to be a college town, home of Western Washington University. So I will be back in the books once we're settled.

During our last visit we found an amazing little apartment to rent out in Everson, Washington, about a 15 minute drive from the church. The home is a mother-in-law place located on the property of a lovely couple that have two young girls. The place has an incredible view of Mt. Baker which we will LOVE waking up to each day. The family also has many chickens, bunnies, 3 pigs, and 2 dogs, so we know that Sydney will fit right in!

I've informed all family and close friends of this endeavor, and now it's time to tell the world! We're moving. Novemeber 1. Au revoir!


  1. Oh wow! A new adventure for sure, but it sounds like you have a great place to start off in! We'll miss you down here, but we'll see you for sure;)

  2. Hey Beka. I just heard this weekend and wanted to check your blog for more. Changes are great when the spirit leads. Although I'm sad you are heading north I know God has good things in store for you and Colin.
    This church is lucky to have you both.
    Wishing you great peace as you move to the next adventure. Keeping you in prayer and I look forward to keeping in contact online.
    All my best Beka. Thank you for blessing Willamette with your spirit and beautiful voice.

  3. So cool. Thanks for the update. May God continue to bless you and Colin.