My Own Community

Returning to school has been, shall we say, interesting. When I went to college for the first time it was in the safe confines of the Multnomah Bible University bubble. We had chapel every day, most people were like-minded in their beliefs (the “coexisting” aspect of campus living wasn’t any trouble at all) and we all just loved one another…

Portland Community College is quite a contrast to my life at Multnomah. Granted, I am older now, married, I’ve lived overseas, been through some crappy situations and don’t necessarily see the world through those rose-colored glasses I once did, but my goodness, the mass of humanity at community college is mild boggling! “Coexisting” has taken on a whole new meaning. No longer do I receive a kind smile when I grin as some passer-by, instead I receive a quizzical, confused expression in response. Everyone is so busy and no one is really sitting around being college students. They’ve all got a purpose.

Algebra- This class is funny. My teacher is a 60+ year old, single, well “rounded” woman who insists we call her by her first name, Lily. The class starts at 7:30am three days a week. I think most of my classmates signed up too late and got stuck in this class; not so for me. I chose it, welcoming the opportunity to get to class early and start learning. No seriously, early mornings are good for me. Little did I realize that I would be the only one fully awake and talking (I will acknowledge that there are about three other students engaged in what is going on, but not to the level that I am). The rest of the classroom is quite literally sleeping! Lily has those of us who are awake poke the sleepers throughout the class period! Needless to say, I am a bright shining star in this class, although Lily doesn’t seem all that impressed with me. I can’t seem to make her love me. We’ll work on that.

Western Civilization- I enjoy this class, mostly because my favorite new study-buddy, Katie, sits next to me and we smirk about the comical things our monotone professor says under his breathe as we feverishly attempt to keep pace with his lecturing. He talks SO fast. I swear I’m going to develop carpel-tunnel syndrome not from typing but from writing in his class. There isn’t much homework here, but I have a sickening feeling that his tests are going to be killer. Best to keep up with the reading… I’ve already completed the first two major assignments and turned them in early. Katie and I are also already working on our mid-term study guide together, splitting up the questions, answering them, and then sharing the info for studying purposes. Excellent arrangement.

Psychology- This class is funny because most people are in it to receive a required credit, but they also look at it as their opportunity to get a free “session” with our professor. Our prof is fantastic, but she is certainly not there to evaluate students and give them free therapy. So many people just want to share their problems with everyone and fit them into the class discussions so they can get all kinds of attention and sympathy. This unattractive behavior has taught me not to do this in class, despite the fact that the crap in my life might actually be worth evaluating to some degree (how narcissistic of me, huh?).

Biology- This is a two for one, lab and lecture combo. I stink at biology. I do not enjoy studying biology. I will force myself to pass this class and will be done with it forever. The end. PS- I do have another great study-buddy/lab partner in this class, Jonathan, he should get a blog shout-out. Thanks for keeping me awake Jonathan, buddy.
Portland Communtiy College. We are coexisting. I have much to learn and if PCC is going to provide me with the most bang for my buck I will continue to attend (I haven’t missed a day of class yet, and I’m NEVER tardy). Looking forward to my three-week break for Christmas, until then, I’ve got to hit the books!


here she goes.

Blogging. This is my very first attempt at blogging. I can't imagine why anyone would want to read my ramblings and I suppose my motives should be in check before posting; am I simply posting to vent my emotions when I should actually be dealing with them, am I passive-aggressively trying to communicate with a person who I suspect might read my blog when I should really just pick up the phone and call them, am I being prideful and wanting to brag about my life *cough, cough, yeah right* to make others jealous (hahahahaha)? I believe that my heart is in the right place. I've just got a lot on my mind, and somehow facebook doesn't cut it with their simple minded "status updates." I can't fit enough text in there...

Colin, my "genius" husband, recently started a blog depicting the tales of his newly acquired school bus and it's "rebirth" into our mean, green, camping machine. We'll see how that goes. So on his blog I posted an entry with my thoughts and affirmation for all those people who thought I couldn't possibly be aware of the bus and be allowing these antics! Yes I know about the bus. Yes we discussed it before the trade of our cancerous Honda Accord for the 1985 Bluebird School Bus. You may think we're both crazy now, but I love my guy and if this simple project will keep the peace in our marriage and allow him an outlet to use his "genius" and creativity, then by all means, bring it on!

So after blogging on his blog I just felt so good! I felt like someone, somewhere in cyberspace would read my thoughts and be pleased as punch about my devotion to Colin and his project, my ability to subject myself to his insanity, and my gifted writing prowess. I've since then had many, many more thoughts and stories that I see now should also be thrown out into the vast universe of the internet and absorbed by a fat, cheeto-eating, couch potato somewhere in Wyoming. I know that others of you can relate. The belief that someone wants to hear me is awesome.

My first blog. An explanation really. A justification for the time spent in front of my computer sharing rather then with my nose in my textbooks studying. My I never break loose from my motive of a light-hearted avenue of fun and intrigue. 

More to come....