here she goes.

Blogging. This is my very first attempt at blogging. I can't imagine why anyone would want to read my ramblings and I suppose my motives should be in check before posting; am I simply posting to vent my emotions when I should actually be dealing with them, am I passive-aggressively trying to communicate with a person who I suspect might read my blog when I should really just pick up the phone and call them, am I being prideful and wanting to brag about my life *cough, cough, yeah right* to make others jealous (hahahahaha)? I believe that my heart is in the right place. I've just got a lot on my mind, and somehow facebook doesn't cut it with their simple minded "status updates." I can't fit enough text in there...

Colin, my "genius" husband, recently started a blog depicting the tales of his newly acquired school bus and it's "rebirth" into our mean, green, camping machine. We'll see how that goes. So on his blog I posted an entry with my thoughts and affirmation for all those people who thought I couldn't possibly be aware of the bus and be allowing these antics! Yes I know about the bus. Yes we discussed it before the trade of our cancerous Honda Accord for the 1985 Bluebird School Bus. You may think we're both crazy now, but I love my guy and if this simple project will keep the peace in our marriage and allow him an outlet to use his "genius" and creativity, then by all means, bring it on!

So after blogging on his blog I just felt so good! I felt like someone, somewhere in cyberspace would read my thoughts and be pleased as punch about my devotion to Colin and his project, my ability to subject myself to his insanity, and my gifted writing prowess. I've since then had many, many more thoughts and stories that I see now should also be thrown out into the vast universe of the internet and absorbed by a fat, cheeto-eating, couch potato somewhere in Wyoming. I know that others of you can relate. The belief that someone wants to hear me is awesome.

My first blog. An explanation really. A justification for the time spent in front of my computer sharing rather then with my nose in my textbooks studying. My I never break loose from my motive of a light-hearted avenue of fun and intrigue. 

More to come....


  1. Welcome, welcome, although I'm not from Wyoming, I am fat (ok, maybe just a tad overweight) and I do love Cheetos (though I never can buy them or I'll eat a whole bag)...will I cut it? I'll be reading! Sometimes it's nice just to write...that's why I love blogging, ok, and I do love bragging on my cute kids and sharing pictures:)

  2. Heh-heh. This is so YOU. I love it and you too! I'm so pleased our paths crossed. I will be returing again....and again.